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Sharad Kelkar’s Operation Romeo Movie Review & Rating

Movie name: Operation Romeo

Director: Shashant Shah

Cast: Sharad Kelkar, Bhumika Chawla, Sidhanth Gupta, Vedika Pinto and Kishor Kadam

Operation Romeo Story

We have heard many times how dread is utilized to mint cash by a larger number of people in several spectrums of lives. Operation Romeo is about the night when Aditya Sharma and Neha Kasliwal (Sidhanth Gupta and Vedika Pinto) are gotten on their night out by two men – Mangesh and Kiran (Sharad Kelkar and Kishor Kadam) acting like strong cops.

The film is a feline and mouse race between two self absorbed men played by Sidhanth and Sharad, and the thrill that binds the conflict together. Director Shashant Shah develops the vibe in the first half and does well to hold consideration in spite of all the story rotating around only four focal characters. The thrill in the screenplay comes from dialogues and a few claustrophobic circumstances. The underlying parts are connecting yet it’s the final part how the film totally goes off the tangent.

Operation Romeo Review

The endeavor made by Aditya to make up for himself and his relationship is misguided. The greatest issue in the last part lies in the way that it’s neither connecting with nor fascinating. The twists and turns that a thriller seeks are missing. He explores the darker side of human emotion. Aditya wants to seek revenge for the wrong done by Mangesh. But the director lacked conviction to put forth the route he chose.

It’s a low financial plan film with the majority of the film shot in three areas, yet the rich creation values reflect in the cinematography. The discoursed are respectable till they enter the long winded space, particularly in the showdown scenes including Sharad Kelkar. Regardless of a run time in the scope of 120 minutes, the film hauls in the final part with episodes of Sidhanth and Bhumika Chawla.

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Operation Romeo performance

Discussing performance, Sidhanth Gupta makes a debut. He is great at showing a feeling of dread in the first half and makes up for himself into somebody with dim shades as the story moves ahead. A touch of cleaning is required in the passionate scenes, yet he is fine. Sharad Kelkar is strong as Mangesh. His command over the diction and the transformation of his body language throughout the film is commendable. Vedika Pinto doesn’t have a lot to do however is good in her part. Bhumika Chawla confident in mouthing those dialogues with a Maharashtrian dialect, but yet again suffers from a half-baked character. Kishor Kadam is great and acquires a few snickers too.

All things considered, Operation Romeo can be skipped. The film is around two men battling right out of a contention that might have finished in a moment by dialing 100.




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