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‘Maha Samudram’ movie review: Sharwanand and Siddharth’s performances


Maha Samudram is director Ajay Bhupathi’s ode to the port city of Visakhapatnam; it is also his hat tip to mainstream cinema

  • Cast – Sharwanand, Siddharth, Aditi Rao, Anu Emmanuel, Jagapathi Babu, Rao Ramesh, and Others
  • Director – Ajay Bhupathi
  • Maker – Rambrahmam Sunkara
  • Banner – AK Entertainments
  • Music – Chaitan Bharadwaj

RX100 director Ajay Bhupathi needed to hang tight for quite some time for his subsequent film release and here is Maha Samudram. With a gigantic star cast like Sharwanand, Siddharth, Aditi Rao, and Jagapathi Babu, Maha Samudram raised assumptions among the crowd. The trailer left the watchers astounded and intrigued. The film is hitting the screens today and here is our survey of Maha Samudram.

Maha-Samudram-release-Sharwanand and Siddharth

Maha-Samudram-release-Sharwanand and Siddharth

What’s is all Mahasamudram about?

Arjun (Sharwanand) and Vijay (Siddharth) grow up together and turn out to be their closest companions. Vijay tries to turn into a cop, while Arjun has got plans to begin an independent company. Vijay and Maha (Aditi Rao) love one another. Vijay inadvertently harms a major wear Dhanunjay and needed to flee figuring he killed him. He would escape the town, yet additionally cuts the connection with Maha. Dhanunjay recuperates yet this time kicks the bucket for genuinely in the possession of Arjun. A long time from that point onward, Vijay returns as an enemy to Arjun. What truly occurred between the dearest companions and how they manage many contentions, what befalls Maha, shapes the story.


Sharwanand and Siddharth are extraordinary performers. They perform all around well and the chemistry between them is nice to watch. However their obligation of companionship looks great, their competition isn’t engaging. Siddharth picking this job for a rebound in Telugu is a strong move. Sharwanand performs well in a troublemaker job who goes to any degree on the off chance that he needs to.

Aditi Rao looks excellent as Maha. The title gives off an impression of being instituted to tell the story of Maha and Samudram. Aditi Rao gives a decent treat of fabulousness and she acts well as well. Anu Emmanuel did not get a lot to perform and she looked wonderful in every one of the scenes. She is viewed as Arjun’s adoration interest.

Jagapathi Babu’s job as Chunchu’s mom is acceptable and engaging. KGF fame Ramachandra Raju will be introduced as a ‘ruthless’ baddie, but his character falls flat after every scene. The elevation about him in the dialogues is a mismatch to his role.



Rao Ramesh shows up as Goodu Babji, a finesse mind. The prepared entertainer did a considerable amount of characters like these besides in this look. He did well in it.


Maha Samundram has a vintage story. The screenplay aggravates it. Inadequately carved jobs and slack around scenes test our understanding. Numerous a period, it resembles a scene after a scene with no association between them.




The foundation score is acceptable. Cinematography is additionally acceptable. There are numerous wonderful shots, especially with the ocean foundation. Songs are okay, however with Mahasamudram’s story they end up as breaks.

The run season of 150 minutes is too enormous and that too without a holding story. The slack remaining parts are one of the primary antagonists of Maha Samudram.


  • Sharwanand and Siddharth
  • Pre-Interval Fight

    Mahasamudram Siddharth and Shwaranand

    Mahasamudram Siddharth and Shwaranand


  • Poor Story and portrayal
  • Run Time
  • Tunes
  • Second half


Maha Samundram’s trailer offered desires to numerous moviegoers as though they will observe another charming crime and heartfelt thrill ride. Numerous entertainers, incredible discoursed, and confounding connections in the trailer raised interest significantly more. Everything came out today uncovering how and what Maha Samudram really is.

Maha Samudram is an account of two companions and Maha Lakshmi. Siddharth needs to turn into a cop only for force and paisa, Sharwanand who needs to set up a private venture concerning which he never truly talks.

Siddharth’s job as hopeful police and his contemplations of getting bad later, began well. Be that as it may, later it was never raised again. Siddharth’s dissatisfaction and outrage need sense and profundity. He simply forsakes Maha as he needed to leave the town for an alternate explanation. Yet, some other time when he uncovers, he says he just didn’t need her any longer. He gets jealous and possessive with regards to Maha, whom he dumped for quite a long time, which has neither rhyme nor reason.

Aditi Rao and Siddharth

Aditi Rao and Siddharth

The principle character played by Aditi Rao needs enthusiastic association. Maha is now frantically infatuated with Siddharth, however never truly comprehends his goals. Afterward, a similar Maha succumbing to Sharwanand isn’t actually persuading. Sharwanand and her mom assuming the fault and obligation regarding Maha’s destiny is extremely ridiculous. The adoration track and the tune among Sharwanand and Anu Emmanuel is exhausting.

While Sharwanand getting affected by Chunchu mom’s boosting and he turning into a wear give us the 90s’ film feels. Counterfeit feelings and dreariness spring up when Sharwa overwhelms Goonu Babji in the medication mafia and a similar when Siddharth removes Sharwa’s. Rao Ramesh is depicted as a wise drag with odd idiosyncrasies. His main ploy that worked is against Siddharth.

In the midst of every one of these, one fails to see why wear in Vizag, Sharwanand never sincerely attempts to discover Siddharth’s whereabouts. The equivalent is the situation with Siddharth, who is hanging out in Mumbai never genuinely attempted to realize what occurred back in Vizag after he left.

While there are numerous dead slow scenes, the tunes in the middle aggravated it. Aside from the affection tracks, melodies, some activity scenes are shot well and raised with a foundation score. The feeble and worn-out story gives us hints on the thing that will occur next in many parts. The medication mafia background isn’t new to Telugu films, however, the plot might have been exceptional here.

Sharwanand and Siddharth Maha Samudram

Sharwanand and Siddharth Maha Samudram

At a certain point, Sharwanand says that ‘Samudram’ conceals numerous mysteries. It resembles this ‘Maha Samudram’ has stowed away numerous rationales under, which we never will see.

Bottom line

This Sea Is Predictable



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