Kuruthi Movie Review, A Brave Experiment


Prithviraj ‘Kuruthi’ Movie Review & Rating: The trailer of ‘Kuruthi’ was one that gives the atmosphere of a crime thriller movie. But ‘Kuruthi’ is not just a crime thriller, the film boldly approaches a deeper and broader, more socially relevant subject. From the beginning to the end, the journey of ‘Kuruthi’ is to keep the audience on the edge of curiosity.

Ibrahim lives in a hilly area close to the interior. That young man is a perfect believer. A religious man with compassion and kindness to fellow human beings. He is survived by his father and brother, who have health problems due to old age. He lost his daughter and wife in a landslide. The non-healing wounds and deep-seated anguish engulfed not only Ibrahim but also his elderly father and brother.Kuruthi Movie Review

One night, two men arrive unexpectedly at the shattered family’s isolated island-like home. A young man who is a murderer and a policeman who handcuffs him and injures him. They seek refuge from a powerful enemy who pursues them. The story of Kuruti begins where Ibrahim and his family are forced to give shelter to those strangers. Later, ‘Kuruthi’ entertains the audience with exciting moments and thought-provoking dialogues. As the tag line of ‘Kuruthi’ says, ‘The word to kill, the vow to be a crow’ is the conflict between the two.Kuruthi Movie Review

The film is directed by newcomer Manu Warrier. The screenplay gives strength to Kuruthi. The film discusses humanity, its atrocities, religion, faith, politics, and community issues. The screenplay is by Aneesh Pallyal. The film boldly exposes the politics of religion and hatred. One thing to note about Kuruti is that the film does not become judicial. ‘Kuruti’ tells us how relative right and wrong are. Even the climax of the film is an example of that.Kuruthi Movie Review

At the heart of the film is the performance of the actors. The film stars Prithviraj, Roshan Mathew, Murali Gopi, Shine Tom Chacko, Srinda, Mamukoya, Manikandan Rajan, Navas Vallikunnu, Sagar Surya and Nasreen in the lead roles. Mamukoya is another actor who was surprised when Prithviraj, Roshan, Srinivasan, and Murali Gopi competed and acted. Moosa Khader is the strongest character Mammootty has got in a long time. Prithviraj is especially to be commended for having the courage to take on such a role and make a film despite being in the lead role. The film is produced by Supriya Menon under the banner of Prithviraj Productions.