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When you’re getting married, do it with your eyes wide open, says Sumalatha Ambareesh !

They’re Sandalwood’s most-adored couple and everybody admires the twosome in the midst of need. Renegade Star Ambareesh and his rich spouse Sumalatha are viewed as the perfect couple by adolescents. The pair conversed with us solely and shared what has kept their sentiment alive. What do you cherish most about your life partner?

Ambareesh: I cherish that she is such a minding individual and I acknowledge how she has been there for me and dealt with me. She is a shrewd lady and has put the family first in her needs. Sumalatha: I adore the way that he has a major heart. He is a standout amongst the most giving individuals and puts others in the first place, in front of everything else, including himself. There are not very many individuals who are so caring in their temperament.

What’s the one thing that irritates you about the other, however is difficult to change?

Ambareesh: It must be the way that she visits the salon consistently day. It may be for her hair, eyebrows or something different, she is constantly headed there. She additionally cherishes to shop.

Sumalatha: It is the way that there is no security in his life. His inclination is with the end goal that he permits everybody into his space and encourages them out, some of the time not believing that it may interrupt into our own space.

What’s the mystery for your solid and smooth hitched life?

Ambareesh: We have to see each other and remain together. Take a gander at us, she is great and I am awful, yet we remain together (chuckles).

Sumalatha: It is a considerable measure of persistence. Many individuals ponder being lovey dovey and saying sweet nothings, being sentimental, and going on dates and occasions. It isn’t only that. It is a considerable measure of diligent work, which should be placed in each and every day. Individuals believe that you put something in the start of the marriage and that takes you through your whole life — that is the greatest misguided judgment individuals have about marriage. It is a plant that requirements watering each and every day. It needs a great deal of care. There will be obstacles and thistles, and you have to painstakingly weave those out. It is steady work.


What’s one relationship guidance you would give adolescents?

Ambareesh: Marriages are made in paradise, not on the web. Nowadays, we continue perusing such a great amount about things that occur because of hurried choices made by youths. Try not to surrender to pointless weight. Relational unions are holy and consecrated.

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Sumalatha: Be certain before you enter wedlock. I would preferably observe individuals not getting hitched than surging in and getting isolated, and having their children endure their oversights. Rather than speculation once, might suspect a hundred times. You can become hopelessly enamored aimlessly and that isn’t an error, yet when you’re getting hitched, do it with your eyes completely open.

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