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You are Like Gandhi – Kangana wishes the Prime Minister a Happy Birthday

Prime Minister Narendra Modi celebrated his 72nd birthday yesterday. Various leaders are wishing Modi on his birthday. In that regard, Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut posted an old photo of herself with Modi on her Instagram page and praised Modi as ‘the most powerful man in the world’. In his congratulatory note in this regard, he said, “Happy birthday to Hon’ble Prime Minister Narendra Modi ji, your tireless effort to serve our country every day is an inspiration to all of us.

You are the most popular leader in the world and a role model for each of us who dare to dream big. When we often look at a successful person, we only see the public glories and not the personal sacrifices or setbacks, you have overcome so many obstacles and, at times, even your harshest critics. I have always believed that a citizen has the right to question or criticize his leader,

you have not only always listened to the common man but also learned the art of staying calm and controlled when criticism comes from an irrational place. I hope to master that art someday. As our country reaches new milestones every day with regard to covid vaccines, I want to congratulate you for your efficient handling of this pandemic.

May you live a long and healthy life and continue to serve this great nation. Once again, happy birthday. Like Rama, like Krishna, like Gandhi, you are immortal. Who can last forever. Nothing can erase your legacy; That is why I call you Avatar. I feel blessed to have you as our leader.” Wrote kangana

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