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Yashika responds she is guilt to live!


Actress Yashika Anand and her close friend Bhavani were killed in a car accident. Yashika, who was seriously injured in the accident, was undergoing treatment in the ICU for a week. Now Yashika arrives with a painful note of guilt over the death of her beloved. Yashika says she is responsible for her friend’s death and regrets being alive now.

Yashika’s words: I do not know how to tell the situation I am going through now. I regret living. I do not know whether to thank God for saving me from a terrible accident or to blame God for separating my dear friend from me. I remember my Pavani every moment. I know you will never forgive me in your life. I’m sorry. I’m the one who brought your family into such a horrible situation. I am melting every moment of being alive. I believe your soul is at peace. I pray you to come back to me. One day your family will forgive me. Today I am not celebrating my birthday. I also appeal to my fans. Pray for her family. May God give them strength.

The accident happened on the morning of July 24. On ECR Road near Mahabalipuram, a speeding car fell into a ditch, lost control, and hit a median in the middle of the road. The seriously injured actress and her male friends were admitted to a hospital in Chennai. Vallichetti Bhavani (28), a native of Hyderabad and a friend of the actress, died in the accident. Yashika was spotted participating in Tamil Bigg Boss. The main images are Muruttu Kuthu, Nota and Dhruvangal 16 in the darkroom.

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