Without getting chance to act, Actress Ekta Sharma joins Call center..

Once a hit in a movie or serial is enough, the life of an actor or actress changes. Ordinary life gives way to celebrity life. A nice house, a nice car, a lot of salary to buy what you want, all the privileges are available from that one hit. But all this is not permanent. Only a few give hit after hit and get stardom and settle down in the industry, but some others taste a hit and then fade away. Thus, if the number of those who have achieved stardom by giving hit after hit is only a handful, there are many who have achieved success and then failed to float in the wave of that success for a long time.

Thus, after leading a celebrity life for a while and then flopping, there are more people who cry and make gimmicks on the media and social media than those who try to lead a normal life again. Thus, among those who say that I can’t do anything other than movies, no one is giving me a chance, only a few artists are living their lives by accepting what has come to them. Now the new addition to the line of such artists is famous television actress Ekta Sharma. Ekta Sharma made her debut in the television industry in 1998 with her first role in the popular crime thriller TV series CID and has worked in dozens of serials for over twenty years.

Ekta Sharma, who acted in TV serials and serials like Joshili, Pratima, Brahmarakshas, ​​Daddy Samja Karo Khusum Saree, won the hearts of viewers with her performance and became a popular actress. Thus, Ekta Sharma, who acted in series after series, finally appeared on screen in 2021. Due to Corona, the work of many serials stopped, so even Ekta Sharma had to sit at home for a few days without work. Ekta Sharma, who lived for a while with the belongings she had, is looking forward to offers. After realizing that this was of no use, she left the acting field and joined a call center.

Ekta Sharma herself revealed this issue during an interview with The Indian Express, When I lost my job, I did not sit at home and cry, I sold my belongings and hoped that everything would be fine. But nothing was fine. I am an educated woman, after one year I joined a call center job. She claimed. Speaking further, Ekta Sharma said that she is proud of the work she is doing. When I was an actress, I used to live a luxurious life by having assistants around me and eating diet food, but now I am talking to an angry customer who says that you should lead your life like a hero and not a victim.