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Why Ahana did not vote, Krishnakumar revealing about Ahana


Along with actor Krishnakumar, his wife Sindhu and children were active in the election campaign. But Ahana, the eldest daughter, was not the only one seen with Krishnakumar during the campaign or during the polls. There have been discussions on this from many angles. A group of people commented that Ahana had left for fear of criticism. The question on social media is why Ahana did not go down in the campaign when the shooting was not in full swing. Krishnakumar himself came on the scene to answer all those doubts.

Ahana was on an earlier planned trip. Ahana was on a holiday trip to Munnar and other tourist destinations with the help of a trip planner. Krishnakumar has also shared his daughter’s travel pictures on social media. Krishnakumar also shared an interesting experience of sitting and talking with his children after the election rush. Krishnakumar said that the sun had completely changed his colour and that his children were saying that his vanilla father was now his chocolate father.

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