Which actor has such a reach, Says Robin Radhakrishnan

robin news
robin news

Robin Radhakrishnan is the star of Bigg Boss Malayalam season four. Robin is now a social media star. Robin, who is active in inaugurations, faces many criticisms. Now Robin has responded to the criticism.

Robin says that even if he doesn’t do anything for another 10 years, the Malayalis are not going to forget him. Because everything for that is on YouTube, Robin said. Robin’s response came when he arrived at an opening.

I see trolls. If you search the hashtag Robin Radhakrishnan, you can know how many videos there are. We are better at making videos with others than we are making videos about ourselves. Robin says you should understand that. When your reach will decrease, your reach will decrease whenever you stop content about me. You devote your time to me. You shoot my content. You have to understand it logically. Robin says that the content will be given when it is due.

When the degradation happened on social media, there were people who told Aarti Podhi to run away. You just have to buy that water. Robin said that even if he sits silently, he sees everything. Last month there are about 2500 videos in his name alone.
Which movie actor has so many videos at once? So you are the one promoting me. Robin clarified that you should understand that one truth.