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Vishnu Manchu to win MAA elections unethically: Prakash Raj


The discussion around the Telugu Movie Artistes Association (MAA) has taken an appalling turn.

On Tuesday, entertainer Prakash Raj, who is challenging for the post of MAA President affirmed that the Manchu family is attempting to win the races utilizing unreasonable means by taking advantage of the postal voting form framework. The veteran actor broke down in front of the media and urged the disciplinary committee to cancel the mandate even before the elections take place. “The postal ballot system is for senior artists who live away from the city. There is a bylaw that ensures that ballot posting happens ethically, without any abuse of power. But even before the announcement, Mohan Babu and Manchu Vishnu have collected signatures from more than 50 artists who are living in different cities. Manchu family has even paid their postal ballot charges and this is against the bylaws. I demand fair conduct of elections,” Prakash Raj said.

Prakash Raj

Prakash Raj

While crying uncontrollably, the entertainer added, “Is this how these people want to win against me? How unethical can these people turn into? The election commission and disciplinary committee of MAA should immediately take action against the Manchu family. This is damaging the entire moral fabric of our industry.”

Vishnu Manchu

Vishnu Manchu

Addressing a press conference just hours after Prakash Raj’s allegations, Vishnu Manchu said, “I know Prakash Raj is a good actor but I never knew he could act so well off-screen too. He should stop shedding crocodile tears and maintain decorum. He cannot drag my family into everything and if he repeats this, I will have to be disrespectful to him. All his allegations are baseless and we never pay ballot charges for someone without their consent. As a presidential candidate, I’m campaigning and seeking votes by knocking on every single door. It is high time Prakash Raj does the same and put an end to this drama.”

Prakash Raj is clashing against Vishnu Manchu in the MAA races. Surveying for the races is booked to occur on October 10 and the outcome will be declared around the same time.

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