Viral Dance of Vriddhikutty become hit on Social Media


Vriddhikutty will become the WhatsApp status of most Malayalees in a single day. The little thing has been filling the screen for a while now, but social media has taken over the growing child through a dance that was shared on social media the other day. Vriddhikutty is a beautiful girl who has recently appeared in a series of snowy flowers that are very popular with the audience. In a short period of time, it grew to captivate the audience with its eloquent speech and acting. Let’s read the great news of a child star. This child actor is dubbing into the serial on his own; News of the old boy who conquered social media!

vrinthi photo vrinthi pic

The mini-screen is now buzzing with child actors. Nandani Balamani; Salt and pepper parmesan; Three eyebrows in marijuana; Thus, Kunjipillar’s performance in the mini-screen series became an indispensable one. In that sense, the growth of the mini screen is captivating.


Akhil Anand’s wedding dance is becoming a hit on social media today. The video, which was shared by Vriddhi’s father Vishal with the caption ‘My first performance for Akhilettan’s wedding’, went viral. A 5-year-old girl, who is also an Allu fan, enthusiastically joins the serial set believing her father’s word that she will show Allu Arjun. Acting starts with joy and enthusiasm in the belief that if you act in a serial, you will see your favourite actor.