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Violated election rules, Case against actor Allu Arjun

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Case against Telugu star Allu Arjun. A case has been filed against the actor for allegedly violating the Lok Sabha election rules. A case was filed against the actor for allegedly creating a mob. A case was also registered against YSR Congress MLA Ravi Chandra Kishore in the incident.



Last day, Allu Arjun visited Ravi Chandra’s residence in Nandyala, Andhra Pradesh. Thousands of fans were waiting at the residence to meet Allu when he came to visit the MLA. Many pictures and videos of Allu Arjun were circulated on social media. Allu Arjun himself shared the information about coming to meet Ravi Chandra.

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Ravichandra invited Allu Arjun without taking permission. It caused a huge crowd. This is why the authorities took action. Nandyal police registered a case against both of them for violation of election rules. The complaint was filed by the Special Deputy Tehsildar.


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