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Vineeth Sreenivasan’s ‘Hridayam’ Review and Ratings


‘Hridayam’ directed by Vineeth Sreenivasan is being released in different places of India other than Kerala and outside India. The movie focuses on campus life in Kerala. Vineeth Sreenivasan, screenwriter, and director of the film has asked to follow the rules and regulations of Covid 19 and watch the film in theaters

Hridayam Movie Cast

Pranav Mohanlal, Kalyani Priyadarshan, Darshana Rajendran, Aju Varghese, Arun Kurian, Johnny Antony, Ashwath Lal, and Vijayaraghavan

Hridayam Movie Director

Vineeth Sreenivasan

Hridayam Movie Trailer

Hridayam Movie Story

Arun and Darshana are first-year engineering students. They fall in love as college begins. As in teenagers, the way ahead is excessively difficult for them. Life brings many exciting curves in the road that they wouldn’t dare hope for anymore.

Hridayam Movie Reviews

Hridayam is an interpretation of happy campus life, and an opportunity for the individuals who miss it, to think back with regards to their energetic days. Arun (Pranav Mohanlal) and Darshana ( Darshana Rajendran) fall in love soon after they join the college in the first year. They are obsessed with one another, yet not too insightful to even think about staying away from the overall entanglements of campus romance. The fellowship, love, and romance go through various stages as the love progress. Then at a certain point, the film takes a turn and Arun enters into the next phase of life.

Those who have done engineering in the city might connect to the movie very well as it takes you to the Malayali’s campus life in Chennai¬† Pranav’s personality can be named an ideal paradigm of Malayali engineering students, who endeavor to decide their own way on campus and life, after a brief initial phase of conforming to the popular trend. Indeed, they start on the beaten track, yet acknowledge the part of the way through that this isn’t what they need. Deeply, brought out by the performance of Pranav, Darshana, and others, which makes gentle tugs at the viewer’s heartstrings. Pranav, rules throughout the film, has certainly advanced as a more grounded entertainer with Hridayam. There are numerous good songs in the film and they are for the most part all around put.

The film is very long at 172 mins of running time and might have been reduced particularly in the last part. Likewise, there are times when one may feel that the story seems to be altogether too recognizable and oversimplified, particularly for the people who have finished campus life in the mid-2000s. The trajectory that Arun’s life takes, from campus romance and discovery of the ideal vocation to that of a family man, is sometimes a bit too convenient. While life puts new difficulties before him, one can’t detect a lot of development inside him, however, there is a couple of dialogues that attempt to show a changed man’s image. Kalyani’s personality, as well, might have been created with somewhat more profundity, taking into account that she entered the hero’s life after he experienced one episode of the typical meet-cute romance.
This is the kind of film one would bring home cheerfully on the face, senseless grounds recollections and might be, a melody on the lips.

Hridayam Movie Ratings

3.5 /  5

Hridayam Movie Songs

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