Vineeth Sreenivasan Shared When Confessed His Father Sreenivasan

The reaction was when Vineeth confessed his love to his father Sreenivasan. Vineeth Malarwadi, who initially gained attention as a playback singer, became the director of the film Arts Club. Malarwadi’s screenplay was also done by Vineeth. The film was a huge success with newcomers in lead roles. Malayalam cinema got some of the best actors through this film. Nivin Pauly and Aju Varghese are prominent in it. Later, Vineeth proved his prowess as a hero in many Malayalam films. Hridiya is a new film directed by Vineeth Srinivasan, who has gone on to become a goldsmith. The film starring Pranav Mohanlal in the lead was well received by the audience.

The film got a good response. The audience is saying that Hridayam is Pranav Mohanlal’s second entry in addition to Vineeth’s film. Kalyani Priyadarshan and Darshana Rajendran are the heroines. Now Vineeth is sharing the experience of confessing his love to his father Srinivasan. “Vineeth says that because he was scared, he called his father Srinivasan on the phone and told him that he was in love with a girl, and he had prepared for it for three days. But Vineet says that the father very calmly asked back, “Isn’t he the boy who came to our house with you two years ago?” Vineet interestingly says in the interview that when he asked how he understood, his father indicated exactly that “you will know when you see a man in love” and then he hung up the phone. The reaction was when Vineeth confessed his love to his father Sreenivasan.