Vijayakumar Prabhakaran Supports “Srinath Bhasi Film With Bhasi Will Be Released This Year”

The ‘ban’ imposed on actors Srinath Bhasi and Shane Nigam by film organizations is being discussed in the Malayalam film world. Those working in various fields of the film industry have come forward to react against this. In the case of Srinath Bhasi and Shane, the film organizations say that instead of a ban, they will not cooperate. Now actor and filmmaker Vijayakumar Prabhakaran has come in full support of Srinath Bhasi. Vijayakumar Prabhakar came to the scene in support of Srinath Bhasi at the press conference held in Kochi for the movie Kundara Antiapies starring Srinath Bhasi.

Vijayakumar Prabhakar announced that he will do a film with Srinath Bhasi. Then Bhasi will release the film this year. No one can say that Bhasi used drugs. Those who say this should correct themselves. It is not right to sit a talented actor like Sreenath. Never put people off by their attitude. Srinath Bhasi was supposed to act the other day. But we decided not to. It should be clarified by the organizations that are making the claims about Srinath Bhasi. The issues they raise do not concern us. But the shooting stopped for now. Eight lakhs of which is a loss of Rs. But now there is no complaint. If there is a situation where it is not possible to shoot with Bhasi, the actor will be considered instead.

But now Bhasi wants to act in this film and Bhasi wants to act in this film. The shoot was postponed because Bhasi was free till May 5. But when some people said that there is such a problem, it was postponed. It is thought that Bhasi will give another date – says Vijayakumar Prabhakar. It is believed that no one has the power to ban any actor. What if he files a case saying that Bhasi is insulting him? Bhasi is the victim. Society should not intentionally make someone a prostitute. Don’t create a situation for that – Vijayakumar Prabhakar said.