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Vijay Deverakonda Gives Back In A BIG Way: Gifts ₹1 Crore To Fans After Khushi Smashes Box Office

In a move that has left both the industry and fans stunned, Telugu cinema’s heartthrob Vijay Deverakonda  has decided to give back to his audience in a monumental way. Celebrating the massive success of his latest film ‘Khushi,’ the actor has gifted a whopping ₹1 crore to his fans. ‘Khushi,’ which hit the screens last month, has been a runaway success, breaking box office records and garnering rave reviews from critics and audiences alike. The film has already crossed significant milestones in terms of revenue and shows no signs of slowing down.

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To express his gratitude for the overwhelming support, Vijay Deverakonda announced that he would be gifting ₹1 crore to his fans. “This is not just my success; it’s ours. I wanted to share this joy with the people who made it possible,” said the actor during a recent press conference.Details about how the money will be distributed among fans are still being worked out. However, sources close to the actor suggest that it could be through a series of events or contests, giving fans across the country a chance to be a part of this generous act.

The actor’s decision has been met with widespread acclaim. “It’s a game-changer,” said a noted film critic. “Vijay Deverakonda has set a new standard for how celebrities can engage with their audience.”Social media platforms are buzzing with excitement and admiration for Vijay Deverakonda. Hashtags like #VijayGivesBack and #KhushiSuccess are trending, as fans express their love and appreciation for the actor’s unique gesture.


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