Vicky Kaushal And Salman Khan Reunite At Glittering IIFA Awards In AbuDhabi

The IIFA Awards in Abu Dhabi are currently making headlines, with Bollywood stars stealing the spotlight. Among the big names present at the award function, Salman Khan and Vicky Kaushal are particularly grabbing everyone’s attention. A video of Salman Khan’s bodyguards pushing Vicky Kaushal on the red carpet went viral, sparking a social media frenzy. However, a new video has emerged in which Vicky can be heard addressing the incident. Scroll down to hear what he has to say.

The video from the IIFA Awards has captured everyone’s attention, showing Vicky Kaushal already on the red carpet attempting to greet Salman Khan, who was walking in his direction. As Vicky tried to move forward for a handshake with Salman, his security guards blocked him. When asked about the incident on the red carpet, Vicky responded by saying, “A lot of times there is unnecessary chatter about things.”