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Vanitha Movie Review

The most recent film, Vanitha, featuring Lena as the title character, attempts to explore a territory resembling an Action Hero Biju by depicting the activities that take place on a typical day in a police station. But they have added certain examples that appear to be extremely troublesome in order to spice up this procedural drama. The movie nearly seems to be a defense of occasionally behaving like moral police.

In this movie, Vanitha, a female constable, serves one day of duty. Vanitha feels uneasy as she recalls her brother’s passing when the movie opens with news of a single-bike accident. The station then receives a second report of domestic violence. With a forthcoming family wedding.

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Vanitha Movie Full Cast and Crew

Vanitha Movie
DirectorRahim Khader
ProducerJabbar Marakkar
HeroNavas Vallikkunnu
Release Date
January 20, 2023
CinematographyT. Shameer,
Running time
1 hour 50 minutes
Production CompanyMovie Maker's
Shutter Sound Entertainment

Vanitha Movie Box Office Collection Report

Day 110 Cr
DAY 215 Cr
Day 315 Cr