Urfi Javed Shared Her Childhood Memories

Urfi Javed is an actress who is always a topic of discussion on social media due to her attire. But regardless of criticism, the actor is moving forward with a My Life My Rule attitude. Now the actor is talking about his childhood. She said that her childhood was not a pleasant one and that she decided to leave home at the age of 17 when she got bored.

In an interview given to Humans of Bombay, Urfi opened up about his childhood experiences. She said that everything started at the age of fifteen. An image used as a Facebook profile picture was downloaded by a person and posted on an obscenity site. Gradually everyone knew this. Everyone started blaming others. Started calling Pon Tara. Urfi recalled that even his father started seeing him that way. Urfi said that he was not allowed to speak at home and was beaten a lot. The actress said that when she faced the problem, she was confused as to why she was being beaten and her family refused to believe her. He endured everything and stayed at home for two years. She added that she left home at the age of seventeen.

Urfi left home with his sisters. Went to Lucknow. Here the life of the children was carried forward by taking tuition. Later went to Delhi. Stayed here with a friend. He got a job in a call center but could not continue with it. From here, Urfi went to Mumbai and entered the television scene by participating in auditions.