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Uncle Film A Stolen Script !!! Shortfilm Writer Appears With Proof !!!


Uncle Film Stolen News: I do not know what to do with that .Thank you! One proves that uncle was stolen.


Kunji Narayan, who is the producer of the movie, is producing this film under the banner of Joy Mathew. But Joy Mathew said about the subject, ‘Kocharanarayanan needs to be bigger than me.’ Kunjinarayanan wrote to Joy Mathew on his Facebook page.

Facebook Post Format:

Sri Joy Mathew,
Knowing you is not my goal, nor is it in the god we are.
Before making the film, I was apprised of Mammukka.
There is no reason to include or condemn the great person.
And my grievance told me that he was sending you.
I did not say you took our story in one of your correspondence with me.
We have your own chat record for you to say that you like to play the negative story and tell us the negative role played in it.
The human brain will not allow you to come up with your imagination as the story you once heard. That’s how you can recover from your memory.
If you do not get the script and do not tell us if you let down the film by megastari then it is the same story that no one tells about it.
You have sent 13 communications notices to us until the movie is released.
You do not give up too much time, but do not talk to you or mumukkai
We had all the evidence and copies to get an injection order. Many people have asked me why I did not.
When we stop a movie, we do not think that the only thing that happens to the producer is loss. Unknown new face director
One of the many movie lovers who think that if one gets to face it will escape!
Dreams of many because the film is a fellowship!
All this was important to us. We did not try to stop the film with it. But you were afraid of us. The number of notices that you sent to us had convinced us and the places that came to us. Let me specifically tell you what the notice was sent by the advocate P. Shashi from Tellicherry.
Our proprietary newspapers do not dare to tell us what happened to us.
Our courtroom is the mindset of the people. That’s where our justice position, true mantra.
That’s enough for us.
This and the end are gone: that too is over: everything is gone!
By the way of truth we do not have the desire to commit suicide by harassing you. The poet says, “Blacks may sprout and break springs.”
The inevitable change can change any moment, like the color spectacle that happens in a “pointpoint” in life.
Mr. Joy Mathew, you can come in my fb sword and kiss (knuckle). We believe in more social media than other media.
Come on, I’m here. We have it right here.”

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