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Twenty-two years of age difference, but that’s the reason for marrying Mukesh!

Reason behind devika marry mukesh

Mukesh made his Malayalam debut in 1982 with Balloon. The actor has already presented more than 250 films to the Malayalees. The actor has proved his mettle not only in Malayalam but also in other languages. Through many comedy films, the actor became the favorite actor of the Malayalees. The actor, who has played great roles as a hero, co-star and friend, is now mostly seen in the role of a father. Not only that, the actor is now also the Kollam MLA. The actor, who divorced his first wife Saritha, is now married to dancer Methil Devika and is leading a peaceful married life.

Methil Devika and Mukesh

Methil Devika and Mukesh

Methil Devika excelled in her studies and dance. But the actress was not able to succeed in her married life. The couple decided to separate when there was a rift in their married life with their first husband. So Devika decided to stick with her son and got many opportunities. People started getting to know Methil Devika after she became a judge in a reality show. Devika first meets Mukesh during a function. The first time he spoke to Mukesh was when he came to congratulate Devika. Mukesh came to know about the divorce when he asked Devika about her husband and children.

That was Mukesh's wish, then I wondered why he married me Methil Devika

That was Mukesh’s wish, then I wondered why he married me Methil Devika

A few days later, Mukesh’s sister came to Devika’s house with a marriage proposal. Initially, Devika’s family objected to the ban. But after experiencing the bitter water of divorce, Devika was sure that Mukesh would be a good life partner for her. Therefore, Devika was adamant in her decision to marry Mukesh. Devika’s family agreed to this relationship when they remembered her daughter’s good future. Today, Devika is with Mukesh for the better part of his life. Age or work is not a barrier to that.

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