Twenty-three years later we are back together in one frame!

manju about friendship
manju about friendship

Manju Warrier is a popular Malayalam actress. After a gap of 14 years, the actor has made a strong comeback to Malayalam cinema. In a very short time, in her second comeback, the actress had earned the nickname ‘Lady Superstar’ of Malayalam. The actor also had the opportunity to be a part of several hit films. In the second comeback, the player achieved a great deal. Manju returned to Malayalam cinema with the film How Old Are You. After that, he became one of the best hits in Malayalam cinema. Chaturmukham is Manju’s latest Malayalam film. Now in a promotional event that is part of the film, Manju is talking about her friendship.manjuwarrier-as-mammookkas-
Bahisbeta giriş

Samyuktha Varma is one of Manju’s close friends. What Manju said about Samyuktha and Biju in the interview is getting attention. Manju talks about her experience of working with Biju Menon in a frame years later. According to Manju, Biju Chettan and I have been acting together in one frame for almost 23 years now. But neither of us felt that there was such a gap between us. It’s like I’m going to come back the next day and act together.Samyuktha Varma

Such an experience really surprised me. Biju Chettan is one of my uncle’s close friends. Samyukta is a close friend of mine. So we both had no idea that there was a gap of so many years and it was so far apart.