Trishanku Gets A Clean U Certificate Movie Hits Theaters On May 26

Trishanku, a movie featuring Arjun Ashokan and Anna Ben, has received censorship clearance from the Censor Board and has been awarded a Clean U certificate. Directed by Achyut Vinayak, who is making his debut with this film, Trishanku is set to release on May 26. The trailer of the movie has generated significant attention from the audience, indicating that Trishanku promises to be a captivating film. The production of Trishanku is undertaken by Sanjay Routre and Sarita Patil, under the banner of Matchbox Shots. Additionally, Vishnu Shyamaprasad, Lacuna Pictures, Gayatri M, and Clocktower Pictures Company are also involved as producers in the project.

Arjun Ashoka and Anna Ben, Trishanku also feature Suresh Krishna, Serin Shihab, Nandu, and Krishna Kumar in prominent roles. The film’s music is composed by Jai Unnithan, with lyrics penned by Manu Manjith. The cinematography for Trishanku is handled by Jayesh Mohan and Ajmal Sabu, while the editing is done by Rakesh Cherumath. The sound design is executed by Dhanush Nayanar.