The trailer of ‘Tiger is alive’ displayed !!!

Bollywood actor Salman Khan in Dabangg actress Katrina Kaif‘s’ Tiger lives on the lead role of the film trailer was released today. This is the sequel of ‘Ek Tha Tiger’. In the film, Salman will appear in his usual “Action Mood”.

Tiger and Zoya are both agents of India and Pakistan. When they are spying for their country, they both decide to live happily after leaving the helpless. However, once again a new task has been awarded to the Tiger. At this time, Tiger wants to get 25 Indian nurses from Pakistan and get them back to India. How Tiger fulfills his mission, will only know when the film is released.

The film is shot in Austria, Morocco, Greece and Abu Dhabi. The film is being released on December 22. This movie is important for Salman, who is waiting for a hit due to the tube-flip flops.