Tovino Reveals Shocking Details About ‘The Kerala Story’ That Will Leave You Speechless

Actor Tovino Thomas reacts to the film ‘The Kerala Story’. Tovino said he had not seen the film. The actor said that he has not spoken to those who have seen the film.“I have only seen the trailer of Kerala Story. Haven’t seen the movie yet. And did not speak to those who saw it. The description in the trailer was ‘32,000 women’ and then the makers changed it to 3. What does that mean? As far as I know, there are 35 million people in Kerala and no one can generalize it with these three incidents. I will not deny the fact that this happened in Kerala. This may have happened.

 I don’t know this personally, but I read it in the news” – stated Tovino.“Everything we see today is not facts. Just opinions. We see the same news in five different ways on five different channels. So I know right from wrong. Three out of 35 million cannot be generalized, misinformation is too bad”- Tovino told Indian Express.