Too much thinning can affect the internal organs !! Director Jondito says that waiting for Prithviraj is a big risk !

Aadujeevitham is a Malayalam movie based on the novel by Blessy based on Benjamin’s novel. Prithviraj is playing the role of Najib alias ‘Pravasi’. Prithviraj has described the film as the biggest dream of his career. The actor weighed 30kg for the picture. Jordan was stranded due to the Corona Crisis, but the film crew returned home last night.

Actress John Ditto PR said that Prithviraj had to lose weight for her role in the film. Filmmaker and teacher John Ditto PR says that Prithviraj had to lose weight for her role in the film. In a post shared on Facebook, John Ditto warned Prithviraj .

Dear Prithviraj ..
I’m John Ditto . P.R. He is a film teacher and Malayalam teacher. Known by filmmakers as Rajuvettan, you are an integral part of Malayalam commercial cinema. As a director and producer, he is a multi-crore market value player. You’ve fallen. This letter is about the great danger. The film is about the danger. Director Blessy Sir decides to make Benjamin’s novel Life. And became like a goat in the wilderness. When Prithviraj insisted on acting, he had to cut his own body weight in a dangerous manner

Yielding to it is suicidal. Though he tried to prove himself to be a good actor, Prithviraj forgot ‘Body Medium Khaludharma Sadhanam’. When it is made into a film, it has no artistic significance or thematic superiority. This means that such plain fiction will only go to a certain extent even if Prithviraj dies. But losing is the main quality of a great actor. Did no one ever say that thinning affects the internal organs?

Blessy is only doing his best. Only business is enough. Only Raju’s star value should be sold. Or was it just enough to make a slim young man known for acting? Director Blessy is a traitor. It is not the last film of Prithviraj. If your body is bad and your health deteriorates, the loss is only for your family and for many who love you.

After 2 months in Jordan, the country is now back in the same slim condition. Blessy says the rest of the film will be filmed in the Sahara Desert. If you try to maintain this condition for several months, you are in danger.
Some will shed tears. Some will laugh. Make wise decisions.