Yash to team up with director Shankar for a magnum opus


The current rumor in the Indian film business is that director Shankar and “KGF” star Yash are working together on a movie with a $1 billion budget! You did read that correctly. The high-profile movie is thought to represent Tamil filmmaker Shankar’s obsession with working with Yash on a more significant scale.

The film in question is a historical adaptation of the book “Velpaari.” After the enormous success of the “KGF” franchise, Yash’s market has expanded significantly, and the entire industry is eagerly anticipating his upcoming film announcements. Currently, Shankar is working to finish the films RC15 with Ram Charan and “Indian 2” with Kamal Haasan. Despite the allegations, there was no confirmation of Shankar and Yash working together on a project. According to rumors, Shankar has discovered the ideal plot for his film with Yash in the “Velpaari” novel.

Mani Ratnam’s “Ponniyan Selvan,” which is also based on the book “Ponniyan Selvan,” is getting ready to hit theatres on September 30. If the movie is a hit, the trend of making movies based on books will return, which might make things easier for Shankar. There is currently no formal statement from anyone, so we will have to wait until Shankar makes it after completing his current obligations.

According to the same rumors, the movie will cost twice as much as Brahmastra. Yash’s film is anticipated to cost twice as much as Ayan Mukerji’s, which cost Rs 650 crores to create! The film will most likely be financed by the filmmaker with assistance from two or three large producers. Shankar reportedly plans to clinch deals with all the major Indian producers, including Netflix and director Karan Johar.