Nagarjuna’s The Ghost promo video Tamahagane OUT


Since the creators of Nagarjuna’s The Ghost revealed Tamahagane’s weapon of choice, there has been a lot of hype about the character. They released a clip today to explain the concept behind the sword. Someone warns Nagarjuna at the beginning of the video that the entire underworld is coming for him. The drawer has a file with the name “Red Notice” that contains all of the underworld’s secrets. Later, he finds this raw steel known as Tamahagane inside a sizable box that he opened.

This unfinished steel can be turned into a razor-sharp sword by Nagarjuna, aiding him in his battle against the underworld. The quotation now says, “The sword feels proud in the hands of The King.” He quickly splits a piece of strong steel in half to gauge the strength of his brand-new weapon. He blasts the power supply system as the underworld approaches his location. In addition, it is stated in the conclusion that Hagane means steel and Tama means valuable.

View the promotion below:

The highly anticipated drama The Ghost, whose trailer debuts on August 25, will hit theatres on December 5, 2022. The production, which is being directed by Praveen Sattaru, has been funded by Sree Venkateshwara Cinemas LLP in collaboration with Northstar Entertainment. In terms of the cast, Sonal Chauhan, who stars opposite Nagarjuna, is joined by Gul Panag and Anikha Surendran, both of whom are seen in the movie in significant roles.

The film’s soundtrack is directed by Mark K. Robin, and Bharath and Saurab provided the songs. The stunt sequences were choreographed by Subbarayan and Kaecha, with Mukesh G serving as the film’s cinematographer.