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This is another beautiful aspect of pregnancy!

Anita Hasanandini maternity photoshoot
Anita Hasanandini maternity photoshoot

Today is the era of photoshoots on social media. Social media is full of wedding photoshoots and maternity photoshoots. Celebrities and regular viewers alike share their good moments with people through photoshoots. Many of these photoshoots are often criticized on social media for being outrageous. People, including celebrities, share their maternity photoshoots with fans. Pearly Mani, Kareena Kapoor, and Anushka Sharma have all shared such pictures with their fans.


Now Anita Hasanandini has shared this kind of maternity photoshoot with her fans. The actress has shared pictures of her pregnancy. Anitha, who has acted in both Kannada and Hindi films, is well known to the miniscreen audience. The star had become one of the biggest discussions of the audience on all of the TV shows. The actress shared a picture of herself with her full belly. The actress’ husband Rohit Reddy also shared the pictures. The film has already garnered the attention of the audience. Many people come to greet both of them. Anita is very active even though she is pregnant.

Anita Hasanandini

Many celebrities now regularly share their maternity photoshoots with fans. Actors like Sameera Reddy, Amy Jackson, and Lisa Hayden all shared their pregnancy pictures regularly on social media. There are a lot of fans for such films.

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