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The world believes in lies told by someone else more than the truth we tell!

Rimi Tomy Latest News

Rimi Tomy is well known to the audience as a presenter, singer, and actress. The actor has managed to captivate the audience with his unique presentation style and humor. The audience saw Rimi Tommy, who was in good shape, lean and its secrets. Timmy Tommy is an active presence on social media, interacting with his fans even during the lockdown. Rimi Tommy is also the most celebrated player during the lockdown period.
Rimi was busy not wasting a single moment in the situation where she had to stay at home. It was during the lockdown that he decided to start his own channel. It wasn’t too long before the star was making it a reality. All the stories shared through the channel like cooking, travel, and songs quickly go viral. My brother and sister used to come to the channel with their family. The home tour and cooking video I did with Mukta recently went viral. Rimi is also very careful about her fitness. Rimi had earlier said that Bhavana told her about body care. The star was slim with a workout in the gym and a proper diet plan. She did an incredible makeover to lose weight after working out.

Rimi Tomy Life

Rimi Tomy Life

Now Rimi’s pictures of herself dressed like a goddess are noteworthy. Rimi was beautified by celebrity makeup artist Janmani Das. These are pictures from a photoshoot I did as part of a vintage calendar. ‘John Mani Das set his hair and put on makeup. Janmani is one of the most talented makeup artists in South India. The caption given by Rimi below the pictures is I Love You Janu. Rimi is wearing a purple-blue printed silk sari. It is adorned with large ornaments of a kind that evokes royal pride. Most people think that at first glance a goddess looks like Mahalakshmi or a queen. Many people say in the comments that these are the best pictures of Rimi I have seen in recent times.

Rimi Tomy Latest HD Photos

Rimi Tomy Latest HD Photos

The Rimi is in the thick getup in the new pictures. It is clear that the difference in the way the sari is worn is behind Rimi’s new makeover. At the same time, the star’s new post saying goodnight to the fans is getting noticeable. ‘The world believes more lies about us than the truth we tell,’ says Rimi. Although it is not clear what Rimi meant by this post, it is still under discussion. Singer Ranjini Jose, actresses Sanusha, Elena Padikkal, Paris Lakshmi, and many other celebrities have come up with comments following Rimi’s new films. While some say that Sivakami is like Devi, there are those who say that Rimi can step into acting again.

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