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The Trailer Of Paranormal Project Directed By Jishnudev Has Been Released

The trailer for the English horror film, ‘Paranormal Project,’ directed by Jishnudev, has been released. Produced under the banner of Captarius Entertainment, the movie is distributed by the American film company, Dark Web Films. The storyline centers around the eerie case diaries of paranormal investigators Alvin Josh, Sam Alex, Karthik Raghuvaran, and Christy Fernandos. The film employs a unique narrative style and utilizes shadow cinematography to enhance the horror experience, set against the backdrop of South India.

Director Jishnu Dev also takes charge of the cinematography and editing. Ebin S Vincent is responsible for the trailer’s background music and sound design. The ensemble cast includes Snehal Rao, Gautham S Kumar, Abhishek Sreekumar, Suneesh, Sharan Indokera, Sudarshanan Russellpuram, Jalatha Bhaskar, Chitra, Avantika, Amrit Sunil, Naitik, Aradhya, Manasaprabhu, Shaji Balaramapuram, Arun AR, T Sunil Punnakad, Suresh Kumar, Chala Kumar, among others, in pivotal roles. Sri Vishnu JS oversees the sound design, while Sourav Suresh takes charge of the background music. The film, known for its numerous jump scares, boasts special make-up by Shineesha MS and art direction by T Sunil Punnakad. The publicity design has been artfully crafted by Vinil Raj, Splendid Olayo, and Prajin VK, with PR Ajay Tundham overseeing the public relations.

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