The strange bone of beef fry; Don’t be ignorant of the helpless Kerala Food Security Department

The strange bone of beef fry

The peculiar bone of beef fry; Don’t be fooled by the helpless Kerala Food Safety Department!

Doctors say beef fry is not bone-free; The Food Security Department of the State, which has a toothless, toothless mouth; There is no mechanism to determine which animal belongs to meat sold in hotels. The disappearance of street dogs; The beef fry purchased from a hotel in Mananthavadi / Katikkulam area last night found an unusual bone size of less than 2 mm. Subsequently, the matter was posted on Facebook and public opinion was sought. Most of the commenters said it was not the bone of the pole. It was after this that the police tried to find a scientific solution.

Thirunelli telephones the Panchayat Health Inspector to report the matter. Despite repeated calls, Health Inspector Raveendran did not call the phone.

Varghese PJ, Assistant Commissioner of Food Safety, Wayanad District But in these cases food samples cannot be used in Kerala to determine which animal is meat, he says. There are currently three laboratories under the Department of Food Safety, but no one can verify the animal’s meat. He said a complaint has been registered and an immediate investigation into the incident. But he was told that no action should be taken against the hotel owner or the hotel until the food inspection results. He also said that the veterinary medical college at Pookode can inquire about bone testing.

Talking to Government Veterinary / Forest Surgeons. After the photo was uploaded on WhatsApp, senior doctors, including senior doctors, informally stated that the bone was not part of the beef. He also asked to see the feasibility of being sent to Rajiv Gandhi Center for Bio-Technology in Thiruvananthapuram for DNA testing.

Rajiv Gandhi contacted Sunder for Biotechnology in Thiruvananthapuram. They were informed of the difficulties of performing DNA tests on the bone from the cooked beef. However, there is the possibility of conducting tests.

Anil Kumar Sar, joint commissioner of the State Food Security Commissionerate, discussed the matter in detail. He was referring to the limitations of the State Food Safety Commissionerate. He said the Food Safety Department currently has no way of determining which animal is the meat. He says that even if a complaint is received, samples cannot be sent to the Rajiv Gandhi Center or Palad Center and such results cannot be used as conclusive evidence. Efforts are underway to sign the Food Security Department with the Palode Veterinary Research Center, which is nearing completion and will be completed within a month. But he understood the significance of the incident and asked the subject to speak with Dr. Nandakumar of the Palode Research Center.

At the suggestion of the Joint Commissioner of Food Safety, Dr. Nandakumar of Palode Veterinary Center spoke with Saru. He was in Guwahati to attend a seminar. However, he took special interest and inquired about the incident. He expressed concern over the matter and pointed out some practical difficulties in determining whether it was a bone-examined animal. At present, such a test can only be done in Hyderabad. He said DNA training was needed and government agencies had to be vigilant on such matters. He then asked for photographs, including Ellin pieces.

Wayanad district food safety assistant commissioner was called back a while ago. The assistant commissioner said the matter was being discussed with the state food safety joint commissioner. “This is the first time such an incident has been noticed and taken seriously.” He also confirmed possible involvement

Doctors say the beef sample is currently preserved, but that the chances of getting tested will decrease as the days go on. However, in terms of public health and social conditions, a scientific conclusion can be reached. However, experts say that it can cost a lot of money if inspected individually

Even in these days when man is a permanent resident in space, the state’s food security department is one of the most important systems to save the life of the public.