The Second Part‍Even Some Doubts About The First Part‍There May Be So Start The Second Part By Showing The Story

Kunthavai played by Trisha is a character that the audience who watched the first part of Ponniyin Selvan will never forget. The actor received a standing ovation in the theaters during the introduction scene. It will be difficult to imagine any other actor other than Trisha in this role. When the team stars were called for each character, Trisha says that this is the role that she called and bought. The actor says that he called Suhasinee Madam to cast him in the film and that is why he was able to stand in front of the audience as Kuntavai. Trisha spoke about her character when she was in Kochi for the promotion of the second part of PS.

When I started casting the characters, I really wanted to be part of Ponniyin Selvan. But I didn’t know whether I would be called or not. There was no patience to wait. With that, I called Suhasini madam there. I want to be in this movie, said everything to Mani sir. That’s how I came to Ponniyin Selvan as Kuntavai.