The Reason Even People From Other Industries Pay Attention To Malayalam Cinema, Says Harish Uttaman

Harish Uttaman is a popular actor in Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, and other South Indian languages. The actor has played notable roles in Malayalam films like Mumbai Police, Mayanadi, and Kart Samaksham Balan Vakil. What Harish Uttaman said about Malayalam cinema and the collaboration between its stars is now getting attention in social media. Harish said that actors working together in Caravan can only be seen in Malayalam cinema and the way of discussing things with each other is less in other industries.

He said that even people from other industries are paying attention to Malayalam cinema. In an interview given to Mathrubhumi, Harish Uttaman spoke about Malayalam cinema. If you take a caravan here, there are sometimes four people sitting in it. Everyone will eat together. It is very rare to see that one thing anywhere. I have seen in Malayalam movies where they discuss their scene with each other while shooting a scene. When we discuss each other without any ego there will be clarification.

This is how I do it and you better do it like that, there is a lot going on in the movies here. Mayanadi was the first time I saw such a scene in a Malayalam film I acted in.On this occasion, we cannot avoid talking about Malayalam cinema. When looking at the entire industry, the content coming from Malayalam cinema is very strong. Other industries are paying attention to Malayalam.