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The mother of two children won the Mrs.Kerala title, how a housewife become an inspiration for every woman

jina-jaimon mrs kerala

These are the three faces of the life of a girl named Jina Jaimon. Testimonials of life successes from an ordinary housewife to businesswoman and Mrs. Kerala Second Runner-up. All these desires were in Jina’s mind when she was a normal housewife. It’s all the result of my suffering. Sometimes I feel like I’ve struggled and won my current life. Traveling and modeling were my hobbies. But at a young age, I was afraid to express those likes because of the comparisons and accusations made about color and beauty. I was active in sports and studies. I was the least colored in cousins. A color is still almost a big event in the perception of many. It has not changed much in our society. Black and white comparisons still exist. The impact it has on the minds of children is so great. The wound caused in my mind at a young age is huge. The biggest changes in my life came after marriage, maybe the second chapter of my life. It was my husband Jaimon Anthikkad who pulled me out of my complex, it was his encouragement that changed me. Maybe because he was working in the arts and he easily understood my passions and for that, I have often felt that I stood together.

Jina Jaimon

Then all the passions I had kept in my mind at a young age were dusted off. I fell in love with travel and now I am doing a tour package for people to travel to different parts of the world. Later my passion was modeling. I was wondering if it would happen at this age. In fact, such thoughts must be overcome first. There are no limits to likes. I am a mother of two after marriage.  All these desires come to mind again when I am a normal housewife. If I become a model. Someone who has tied the age to our Mammooka. I will try … Then it was hard work for us. For us Everything has time, we just have to find it. I have heard it said that most women do not have time. time is the same for everyone. Things will be like how we manage it … I get up at 4 am and go to the gym at 6 am after all the work and then I find time for my husband and kids’ stuff, work, and all my own stuff. I took my overweight body first and set aside two hours every day for me. I slowly made my way to my liking. I have heard that if we want a lot, the world will stand by it. the truth is. then our hard work.

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