The Mammootty Kampany Has Withdrawn The Logo

Mammootty owned by Mammootty is a production of Kampany that has gained huge audience attention in a short span of time due to the quality of the films produced. The films released by this company are Mayakam and Roshak. Kathal and Kannur Squad are the films to come out under this banner. The logo of the production company was also discussed at the time. But yesterday, a post sharing doubts about the originality of this logo design was discussed in the Malayalam Movie and Music Database (M3DB) Facebook group. Realizing the seriousness of the discussion, the Mammootty company has withdrawn the current logo. As part of this, Mammootty Kampany has changed the logo from its social media handles.

“Our logo will undergo a re-branding as part of a broader objective to keep pace with the times. A big thank you to those who pointed out an unintentional oversight on our part,” Mammootty said in a note withdrawing the logo. Mammootty’s company’s decision was prompted by a post posted by a member of the M3DB group named Josmon Vazhail. Josmon’s observation was that the name Mammootty Kampany was added to the design taken from some image bank. The post was to share some other similar designs.