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The loss of SPB is a huge pain for music industry says Mano


The loss of SPB sir can’t be felt every day. I had known him for quite a long time, since 1982, when I was functioning as an assistant to MS Viswanathan sir. I would see him something like four times each month during those days. Since my first language was additionally Telugu, he had an exceptional fondness towards me. Considering that I was only 14 years of age then, at that point, he had a delicate corner for me. I had learnt Carnatic music and would record the documentations when the author played the tune. He preferred the way that I had this ability and would say, ‘I didn’t learn music, yet you have learnt music prior to entering the business, which is something to be thankful for.’SBP 1

During this pandemic circumstance, we both were part of some Zoom sessions, in which we visited the singing local area. He gave the returns that emerged from it to performers across the south Indian businesses. We used to make up for lost time practically like clockwork for this and speak a great deal. The companionship that we had created throughout the long term while interfacing in recording theaters, at occasions, in front of an audience and on the arrangements of TV shows got fortified multifold during this time.

I have soaked up the characteristics of commitment towards work and the energy that he had towards a melody. He’d shower love on a song like it was his child, and it is because of the life that he gave them that they remain memorable. Oru paatta anubavichu paadanum-nu kathukittadhe avara paathu dhaan.SBP and mano

The other thing was his time support. In the event that he had given a call sheet for 9am and had got postponed by 5-10 minutes, disregarding in case it was another author or a veteran, he would go dependent upon them and apologize bountifully for being late. That sort of modesty is difficult to keep up with when you begin filling in your vocation. However, he was modest right till his end, I figured out how to remain grounded from him. Indeed, even the current age ought to likewise take in this from him.



Directly from the time he ventured out from home toward the beginning of the day, at 6.30am, he would record movie tunes till 10pm, and afterward record for reverential numbers till 12 PM. Furthermore, even around then, he’d show up so loose. You could never feel that weight all over. He had such a lot of fulfillment managing his job. That can happen just on the off chance that you love your work. What’s more, he adored singing to such an extent.



It torments me to see a film music world without SPB sir. A misfortune can’t be redressed. I was well disposed with my dad, so when he died, the misfortune waited with me for longer than a year incredibly. I have been encountering a comparative feeling of misfortune for the beyond one year.

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