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The Inspiring Story Of Vijayakumar Unfazed By Wealth And Fame

Daughter and actress Arthana Binu has revealed more against Nathan Vijayakumar. Arthana opened it through her Instagram account. Arthana wrote on Instagram that Vijayakumar as a father has never protected them and has not lived in that wealth or shade. The actress stated on Instagram that the money sent by Vijayakumar was in installments of the amount ordered by the court as alimony and he never gave them any expenses. How is the note of Arthana?

My family and I have never lived in the shadow of financial, fame, or emotional support from my biological father, Mr. Vijayakumar. My mother raised me and my sister-in-law by working hard by sewing clothes and running a daycare and beauty parlor. That’s why I prefer to be proud to be Binu’s daughter than to be known as Vijayakumar’s daughter. Arthana said that she stayed with her father only when she was studying in nursery classes and when her mother’s father could not even make ends meet, her mother’s father called her to their home. Even the police are worried that even the police can’t provide protection for what is posted on Instagram. Although I saw the post, I only wanted the police to take action.

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