The High Court Rejected The Petition Of Actor Unni Mukundan

The High Court rejected the petition of actor Unni Mukundan in the case of insulting womanhood. The petition filed by Unni Mukundan seeking acquittal was rejected. The court ordered that the trial in the case may continue. The High Court pointed out that there is no reason to quash the case and the complainant has already stated that she is not ready to settle. Subsequently, the court directed the trial to continue after lifting the stay of the trial proceedings. The complaint of the woman from Kottayam was that he tried to molest her when she came to Unni Mukundan’s flat. The incident took place when he reached the flat after being invited to tell the story of the film. The complainant had told the court that the actor was trying to defame and threaten her after the incident. The court then examined the complainant and two witnesses.

Unnimukundan has also filed a complaint against the woman. Unni Mukundan has alleged that the woman is lying and has threatened her. The actor’s complaint is that the woman threatened to pay Rs 25 lakh to avoid getting caught in the case. Unni Mukundan is currently on bail in the case. The woman complained that the incident took place on August 23, 2017. The woman lodged a complaint on September 15, 2017.