The body has limitations, but not the mind; Prone to Jim Body !! Prithviraj !!

Actor Prithviraj took a huge risk by giving away his own body for the film ‘Aadu Jeevitham’. Prithviraj reduced the film to over 20 kg. The actor, who returned to Kerala after completing the film’s Jordan schedule, is now in Quarantine. Tara is currently focusing on a workout to get the body back to its normal during the Quarantine.

Prithviraj shared a picture of his body. The body has limitations but not the mind, says Prithviraj. Prithviraj has regained her fitness in a month to endanger her life.

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Prithviraj Post

One month since we finished the last of the bare body scenes for #Aadujeevitham. On the last day, I had dangerously low fat percentage and visceral fat levels. Post month of fuelling, resting and training my body has got me here. I guess my crew who’ve seen me a month ago when I was at my weakest, and way way below my ideal weight will be the ones truly surprised. Thanks to @ajithbabu7 my trainer/nutritionist and Blessy chetan and team for understanding that post “THAT” day, shoot will have to be planned with enough time allocated for my recuperation. Remember..the human body has it’s limits..the human mind doesn’t!