That Sensational scene in the Milky Way didn’t feel bad, but if you wanted to, I would still act;

Vinayan’s horror comedy entertainer Akshayanga Ganga has been getting good reviews in 2 theaters. In the first part of the Milky Way galaxy, when the character of Mayuri’s Ganga was noted, Ganga’s arrival was more frightening than the first. Actress Saranya Anand has brought the character to its fullest in VKS.


Tarami now says that she didn’t feel terrible about going about as somewhat breathtaking as it was an outfit issue. Vinayan Sir is presently asserting that Vinay Sir was the first to state that he comes as a consumed fragile living creature and in this way he is compelled to utilize the ensemble. Notwithstanding, Vinayan Sir guaranteed her that the makeover will never antagonistically influence Saranya. The character goes to the screen with cosmetics and a few designs. Saranya says that even an individual who has seen the film has never felt awful about it. In a meeting with Manorama, Saranya said that if the oddity is basic to the character’s specific circumstance, there is still a lot to do.

Aakasha Ganga is a 1999 Indian Malayalam-language loathsomeness spine chiller movie coordinated by Vinayan, featuring Divya Unni and Mukesh and delivered by Aakash Films. It was named in Tamil as Avala Aaviya and in Hindi as Maaya Ka Saaya. A spin-off of the motion picture Aakasha Ganga 2 has been discharged on November 1,2019.

A long time back, Devan (Madhupal), an individual from the Maanikesseri illustrious family, began to look all starry eyed at Ganga (Mayuri), a ‘dasi’ (worker) young lady. On becoming more acquainted with about this present, Devan’s dad, Thampuran (Spadikam George), calls him to realize what is happening. Devan goes to have a group of people with his dad clasping hands with Ganga and he concedes that he cherishes Ganga and she will be the mother of his kid. Irritated, the Thampuran slaps and beats Ganga and his goons toss Devan inside a room and lock him inside. The Thampuran slaps Ganga commandingly where she falls against a column and lose awareness. Panicker, a faithful hireling of the family, attempts to resuscitate her yet falls flat. He arrives at the resolution that Ganga might be dead. So Thampuran and Panicker choose to incinerate Ganga, yet at the same time, she recovers awareness, requesting water. The barbarous Thampuran sets the fire on fire and consumes her alive.

Later Ganga’s spirit turns into a Yakshi and starts frequenting the relatives. Devan executes himself as well. Ganga gets hold of Thampuran and executes him. Dreading her anger, the Maanikesseri relatives procures an exorcist, Mepaddan (Rajan P. Dev), who effectively gets hold of the soul and detains her in a Banyan tree. Meppaddan cautions the family that the male individuals from the family should now lead an existence of chastity and that in the event that the soul is liberated, at that point no one, even Meppaddan himself, can’t stop her.

A long time move by, the family stays consistent with their promise. Be that as it may, inconvenience begins fermenting when Unnikuttan (Riyaz), becomes a close acquaintence with and goes gaga for Maya (Divya Unni), a young lady whom he met in the arrangements of a motion picture shoot. She also responds his sentiments and solicitations his family to get her wedded to him. After a great deal of convincing, the relatives mastermind their marriage just in name, gave that the youthful couple ought not consummate the marriage, to which Maya guarantees.

At some point, when the youthful couple were shopping, a man named James (Mukesh) intrudes on them and distinguishes Maya as Daisy, his missing fianceé, which Maya restricts. In spite of the fact that the relatives think James perhaps nuts, Panicker detected something incorrectly. All the while, Maya slaughters Panicker, who uncovers that she is really ‘Ganga’ yet in the body of another young lady. Things go haywire; Maya starts assaulting relatives who speculate her personality, enticing Unni and gets pregnant. At the point when things become unendurable, the family counsel Meppaddan alongside Father Mikhayel, another cleric, about Maya.

Oh dear, it is uncovered that Maya is in truth a had Daisy. Meppaddan uncovers the explanation; Daisy is really a school young lady hailing from a Christian foundation. During a school journey, Daisy happened to pass by the exceptionally same banyan tree where ‘Mayaganga’ was detained. To clear something up, she liberates Ganga and gets oblivious. After that episode, her propensities changed radically, even in her eating regimen and petitions. At that point, one night, she disappears, which is then uncovered that she was headed to deliver retribution on the Maanikesseri family. Through Unni, she was effective in her crucial. Meppaddan likewise uncovers that since Ganga has now gotten amazing, it is hard to exorcize her and that she would either end the life of any of the relative or else would murder her host Daisy. Leaving no other decision, Meppaddan continues on with an expulsion.

The red hot expulsion happens with Meppadan fighting the obstinate Ganga, who wouldn’t leave Daisy until she satisfies her desires. At that point Meppaddan at long last exorcizes Ganga by intentionally attempting to consume her host alive, much the same as the manner in which she had been singed years back, while likewise taking consideration that Daisy doesn’t catch fire. An oblivious Daisy is then hospitalized and on recapturing cognizance, doesn’t recollect that anything when she was controlled, even the Maanikesseri family, however recalls her very own relatives. Unni denounces both James and his own family for her current condition and leaves, devastated.

James at that point uncovers to a confounded Daisy everything that had happened to her. At last, James takes Daisy back to the Maanikesseri, who discloses to them that his affection was nothing when contrasted with Unni’s adoration for Daisy, who likewise acknowledged Unni decisively. He additionally discloses to them that Daisy will be a mother. Thus, he reunites them, with Daisy presently getting the name ‘Maya’ and turns out to be a piece of the Maanikesseri family, which prompts a glad completion.