Telugu film industry insiders will help director Puri Jagannadh solve his conflict with Liger distributors


After his most recent film, Liger, failed to do well at the box office, director Puri Jagannadh has been having some problems. The latest rumor circulating in Tollywood is that prominent members of the Telugu film industry will purportedly assist director Puri Jagannadh in amicably resolving his dispute with Liger distributors. It’s thought that the filmmaker recently asked a few well-known Tollywood producers for assistance in handling the matter.

The creators have now made the decision to become involved in order to restore order. A phone conversation between Puri Jagannadh and the Liger distributors that had been leaked had appeared on Twitter a few weeks prior. Ram Gopal Varma, a director, tweeted a screenshot of what appears to be a Telugu-language WhatsApp conversation.

Translated in English, the conversation read, “A total of 83 distributors were Liger’s victims. We’re going to Puri Jagannadh house on 27th of this month to do dharna. Therefore, each exhibitor should bring clothes for a minimum of 4 days to stay. If no one dares to come forward, then their names will be removed from the list of beneficiaries and will not be incurred losses. You won’t get a call from us if no one comes that day. And no information will be provided. It would be great if everyone could come.”

Recently, the filmmaker also requested police protection, stating that the film distributors had threatened him with violence until he made good on his losses. He argued that because he had previously paid his dues in accordance with the contract, the distributors had no right to intimidate him in any way. He continued by saying that if the distributors had any problems, they ought to have brought a civil lawsuit.