Tax evasion? Registration of Prithviraj’s luxury car blocked

Kochi: A few cases have been filed against actresses like Suresh Gopi, Amala Paul and Fahad Fazil in the tax evasion case. Actor Prithviraj is also accused of trying to evade tax on the same. The Department of Motor Vehicles has blocked the registration of Prithviraj’s newly purchased car.The Motor Vehicle Department has blocked vehicle registration after claiming to have reduced the price of the car by Rs 30 lakh. According to the application filed online with the dealer Ernakulam RT Office for registration, the price of the luxury car was Rs 1.34 crore. Taxes were paid.

30 lakhs showed up

However, an official inspection of the vehicle found that the actual cost of the vehicle was Rs 1.64 crore. The road tax was deducted at a cost of Rs 1.64 crore for a luxury car worth Rs 1.34 crore. The dealer says the price of the celebrity discount has been reduced by Rs 30 lakh. But luxury car is required to pay a 21% tax on the real price despite the discount.

Suresh Gopi, Fahad Fazil, Amala Paul …

According to the Motor Vehicle Department, the vehicle cannot be registered without paying a sum of Rs 9 lakh. Prithviraj is not the first actor to be accused of tax evasion. The players were involved in a fake vehicle registration case in Puducherry. Suresh Gopi, Fahad Fazil and Amala Paul are the other actors involved in the tax evasion case.

Lamborghini is registered in Kerala

Amala Paul has registered a Class S Benz car in Puducherry worth over Rs 1 crore. Fahad Fazil has E Class Benz valued at Rs 70 lakh. The inquiry team found that the state exchequer had lost Rs 14 lakh in tax due to Ala’s action. It was during the same period that Prithviraj, who owns a Rs 3 crore Lamborghini, registered himself in Kerala without going to Pondicherry for tax evasion. Fans of the actor were also present at the scene.

Half the tax was paid

Prithviraj’s Lamborghini was registered in Kerala itself. Luxury taxes are levied on luxury cars in Kerala. Therefore, Prithviraj paid Rs 50 lakh as tax on his car. Prithviraj became a model at the time, when some actors who are celebrities in front of their fans, registered their vehicle at Pondicherry for tax evasion. However, Prithviraj is now facing charges of attempted tax evasion.

The fault came from the dealer’s side

Regional RTO, meanwhile, said it was not the case with Prithviraj’s knowledge. This is a fall from the dealer’s side. Prithviraj is one of the top tax payers in Kerala. All his vehicles are Kerala registered. While many others go to Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry for registration, Prithviraj registers his vehicle in Kerala and pays the full tax, the regional RTO said.