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Sunil Shetty Reveals Shocking Secrets About His Life Under Constant Threat From Mumbai Underworld

Sunil Shetty revealed that he received death threats from the Bombay underworld in the 1990s when he was shining as a hero. But Sunil Shetty also revealed that he personally dealt with such threats. Recently, the actor spoke about the threatening phone calls he received from the Mumbai underworld on the Barbershop with Shantanu podcast. The Mumbai underworld was very powerful then and their presence was everywhere. They often threaten over the phone. That should be done, this should be done. But I will ignore such suggestions. Argue against them on the phone. They will be ignored.

At that time, the police constantly told me not to respond with harsh language. Sunil Shetty mentioned that the police warned that underworld gangs are likely to attack and sometimes even kill them. But Sunil Shetty revealed that the family was never informed that they were in a situation where even their lives were in danger. Sunil Shetty was last seen in the action thriller web series “Hunters: Tootega Nahi, Todega”. In Malayalam, Sunil Shetty also acted in Maraikaar Arabikadalin Simham.Sunil Shetty recently launched a food delivery app. The app is called Vayu and the app works by reducing the commission that restaurants have to pay to such platforms. Last Thursday Sunil Shetty said that the plan is to deliver food to the user at a low price.

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