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Stunt artist dies in shooting accident!

Stand-ins are one of the mainstays of an activity film that hazard their lives doing risky tricks with the goal that the legend can get the applauds from the crowd. 28-year-old trick entertainer Vivek hailing from Tamil Nadu passed on shockingly in a beginning mishap on Monday during the creation of the Kannada film ‘I Love You Rachu’ in Beddadi, Karnataka.Stunt artist dies in shooting accident

It is said that during the shooting of the trick arranged by Vinod, Vivek got shocked and kicks the bucket in a flash while another stand-in was harmed and was hurried to a close-by clinic. The chief Shankar S Raj, maker Guru Deshpande, and trick choreographer Vinod was brought in for a request by the police.Stunt artist dies in shooting accident

Vinod was filming a fight scene when Vivek was electrocuted during the shooting. Plus another stuntman who was injured nearby was taken to hospital. The film’s director Shankar S Raj, producer Guru Deshpande and stunt director Vinod were taken away by the police for questioning. It is noteworthy that a few months ago, a huge crane crashed into the shooting site of ‘Indian 2’, a film directed by Shankar and starring Kamal Haasan, killing three people.


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