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Shruti Haasan was criticized for her behaviour in public with her lover!


Sruthi Hassan, a leading actress in Tamil and Telugu cinema, fell in love with Sruthi Hassan, a London-based playwright named Michael Karselai. The two separated in 2019 due to a disagreement. Michael had explained that we could not continue the love because we were in a different country then. Currently, Shruti Hassan is in love with Chandan, a doodle artist from Delhi. A few months ago, a video of the two walking hands in hand in Mumbai went viral. shruthi-haaan-lover

From time to time, Sruthi Hassan has been posting photos of herself hugging her boyfriend and showering him with kisses. He has also been releasing videos of other lovers cooking and feeding their favorite foods for alcoholism. Shruti Hassan, who lives in Mumbai, went to a supermarket with her friend Amrita Ram and Chandan.shruthi-haaan-lover

The suit that Sruthi has done with her boyfriend while wearing the mask there is going viral. At the supermarket, Sruthi hugs her boyfriend and kisses him. Sruthi also kissed her friend and took a photo. He posted those two photos on Instagram.

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