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Should I get married? Shruti Haasan to fans!

Shruti Haasan

Should I get married? Actress Shruti Haasan explained the question of the fans on the social website.  Actress Shruti Haasan is in love with Chandan Hazaria from Delhi. He is also posting photos of the two being taken closely on the website. In this situation, Shruti Haasan discussed with the fans on the social website. Did a fan get married to you then? That raised the question. Shruti Haasan replied that he was not married to me. When will you get married? To another fan question that said I don’t know. And Shruti Haasan says, ‘I hope everyone, including the family, is safe. Show love to everyone. I know Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, and English. Can speak, write and read slowly in Tamil. But I can’t speak Tamil as much as my father.

Shruti Haasan

Shruti Haasan

They ask why you are skinny. I am not skinny. I exercise. My favorite color is black, the most favorite filmmy father starred in was Mahanadi. Rare brothers. Virumandi films are also favorites. My next Tamil film is Profit. I don’t know when it will be released. “

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