Shamna Kasim Talks About Her Husband

Shamna Kasim is a star in the minds of South Indian moviegoers. The actor recently got married to Shanid Asif Ali. The actor shares all his details through the YouTube channel. The video posted by the actor the other day is going viral. This is what is said in the video. Shamna was talking non-stop while taking the video. She asked to talk to her husband, but he didn’t mind. Everyone knows this is how it is. Shamna said about her husband that he is angry but a poor man.

Despite being in Dubai for 24 years, he is missing the hotel. We love Night Drive a lot. Shamna and Shanid went back after eating. These are the cravings you feel in between. Shamna ended the video by thanking Ika. Most of the people asked about the seriousness of her husband. He is the exact opposite of Shamna. He is very serious and does not say anything.  Someone asked if you are happy with him or if are you terribly rude. That’s how it felt. Someone said that Shamna calls Ikka so lovingly, anyone would melt at that call. There is also the comment that he may not be Jada, as the viewers will feel.