It seems that there is something between “Me and Anushka”: Prabhas !!


Prabhas, who plays the character of the hero of all times as Amrendra Bahubali,has become the heartbeat of millions of hearts of the country. In a special meeting with us, he talked about his bachelorhood, the princess of dreams, the links of Anushka Shetty, the security of women and many aspects including his upcoming film Saoha

After Salman Khan, you got the title of the most famous Indian Bachelor of Indian Cinema. is. What would you say? 
(Smiling with shame) At the moment, I am enjoying it. I’m enjoying my Bachelor Life, but I do not know when it will happen. Well Salman Khan is a big name. I can not compare them to

By the way, after the ‘Bahubali 2’, the news of Anupka Shetty’s linkup of you and your heroine was so full.
(Laughs) I and Anushka had decided that we will not be able to get any news of their link-ups in any case. Hey Baba We are family friends for 9 years. we are very good friends. I know each other for many years, but occasionally when such news comes, I start feeling that there is something in our midst! (Laugh loudly) We know that there is nothing like this between us. Well, this is not a new thing, whenever a heroine works with a hero again or again in a movie, then people add their names.

You Are The Heart Beat of millions Heart But What should be your princess of dreams? 
I do not know. When I was young, then I used to recite village girls. Then when I grew up, I began to like long-haired girl. Again, it seems that the girl is long, be intelligent. I do not know what will be the perfect girl for me. My scale always changes, but one thing I must say is that when this girl gets you, then only she will know that she is made for you. Actually there is nothing like perfect girl. This is your fantasy, which you hear after watching movies or listening to your mother and grandmother.

Do you remember your first crush? 
absolutely! My first crush was my school teacher, seeing them, I used to forget to read.

If I talked about ‘Bahubali 2’, did you think that the film will create history?
We definitely wanted this film to be a hit and such a hope was not wrong either. In the south we were hoping that the film would get 60 percent success, but in Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu and North, we did not expect much such success. We had no idea about this unprecedented success of the film in Hindi. We are surprised that the Hindi audience placed it on the head and forehead.

What qualities of Amrendra Bahubali would you like to adopt? 
I feel like I am strong like Amaranth. I want to be a good person like him. I think that I wish some day I could become a transformer in the story of Amrendra.

You have a dialog in the movie, the person who touches a woman with a dirty way, her finger should not be cut. But nowadays we are seeing that security of women has become a serious issue.
Really you are telling the truth Whenever I read the reports of rap or tampering with women, it seems that we are living in tribal areas. In today’s era, seeing the malicious behaviors of men towards women, we feel that we are still animals. I always think that people’s thinking will change when. When will they learn to respect women?

How will you define your relationship with your director Raja Mauli? 
He is my mentor and friend all. I learned a lot from him. The biggest thing I learned from him is patience. The goal of theirs is to cross it and take it. 
With Shraddha Kapoor you are coming to see ‘Saoho’. Have you seen their recent release ‘Haseena Parkar’?
I’m happy to be involved in Bollywood. This is the biggest industry. I am dubbing this movie in Hindi. As far as reverence is concerned, he is a very intelligent actress. I could not see his film ‘Haseena’, but I am very excited about working with him.

How have you got your Hindi version?
I am learning hindi I think it will not be so difficult. Now I understand a little bit.

Do you ever want to play villain Bhallaldev (Rana Digubati)? 
I love Amrinder Bahubali’s character, but as an alternative, I can think of playing Bhallaldev as a villain. The character is also strong in itself and it is played by Rana in a very wonderful manner. During the shoot, Rana and I became very good friends. Seeing us on the set, no one could say that we are thirsty for each other’s blood in the film.