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On-screen character Karthi’s ‘Kadai Kutty Singam’ stuck in an unfortunate situation, AWBI articles to rekla race shoot !!


Performing artist Karthi’s Tamil movie Kadai Kutty Singam, coordinated by Pandiraj and delivered by 2D Entertainment Private Limited, may have keep running into inconvenience.

The makers had connected for authorization to shoot a rekla (bullock truck race) arrangement with the Animal Welfare Board of India (AWBI). In any case, the AWBI denied consent for the shoot, which includes 211 bovines and bulls, 48 cocks and 32 avians, refering to that the Supreme Court has restricted the game.

In the rundown of consents and endorsements set up by the AWBI on its site on January 24, the status given against the film peruses: “Not affirmed. The candidate is educated that rekla race is restricted by Supreme Court as it is against the arrangements of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960.”

In any case, the makers of the film have felt free to shot the grouping. On-screen character Suriya, Karthi’s sibling, had tweeted a video of the shoot on January 30.

The AWBI is presently thinking about making a move against the makers of the film for damaging the standards.

Notwithstanding the SC restriction on jallikattu, broad challenges in Tamil Nadu a year ago constrained the state government to allow the game, by passing a Bill in the Assembly. The SC has now chosen to frame a Constitutional Bench to banter on whether the game can be viewed as a social right. Would rekla, as well, go under this?

Addressing TNM, the AWBI administrator SP Gupta stated, “We’ll need to check whether the state government grants rekla moreover. In the event that it doesn’t, at that point it ought to make a move. We will make a move in the wake of looking at if rekla is likewise being permitted in the state like jallikattu.”

Every living creature’s common sense entitlement extremist Antony Rubin, who is a privileged creature welfare officer with the AWBI and furthermore an ex Performing Animals Committee part, says, “To give you a background marked by this boycott, jallikattu and rekla were both restricted by the SC. In any case, what happened was, because of the Marina challenges, the state government passed an alteration and issued a newspaper that jallikattu is permitted in all the effectively existing spots. In any case, they never specified anything about rekla races.”


Antony says that there is in fact an official prohibition on rekla in Tamil Nadu and that there is no state arrange which exempts it.

Including that the council had denied pre-shoot authorization when the makers drew closer the AWBI, Antony says the choice was set up on the AWBI’s site.

“It’s an infringement of the Prevention of Cruelty Act and it is disdain of court. Nobody thought about it and no one would have come to know about it if Suriya hadn’t tweeted the video. There were news reports about it and numerous individuals whined to the AWBI about it,” he says.

As indicated by a TNIE report, the makers of the film have asserted that they acquired the Pudukottai Collector’s authorization to shoot the grouping. Nonetheless, if this is valid, the consent disregards the SC’s requests.

The last Tamil film to keep running into issue with the AWBI was Vijay’s Deepavali blockbuster Mersal a year ago. For Mersal, the AWBI had raised three protests. The group had not presented all the creature scenes in the film on one CD. Further, the AWBI said that the pigeons and different winged creatures utilized as a part of the film did not look like CG and needed confirmation that CG work had been finished. They additionally called attention to that consent had been asked for to shoot a lord cobra however that the visuals demonstrated a spectacled cobra. The film inevitably advanced the go-beyond in the wake of cutting a few scenes including the creatures.

Antony goes ahead to state that after Mersal kept running into issue with the AWBI, the board met with the Producers’ Council and had a profitable gathering about the techniques to be taken after.

“It’s stunning this has occurred in spite of the gathering,” he says.

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